Dogs of Harrison Park

FAQ / Disclaimer


Why do we need your email address?

Your email address will never leave our mailbox, hosted by GMail, which is used exclusively for the Dogs of Harrison Park calendar ( We will use it to send you a maximum of three emails (manually, not automated).

  • One email may be sent after you upload your pictures, if there are any images that aren't suitable for the calendar, inviting you to reupload, or figure out other means of getting images to us.
  • One email may be sent after you upload your dog pictures, and they have been accepted, with a link inviting you to make an additional donation of £5 to add your dog's birthday to the calendar (completely optional, there is no obligation to do so)
  • One email may be sent after the calendars are printed and delivered, with information on where they can be purchased.

Your email address is also used to match photos uploaded with the donation for your dog's birthday if you choose to have it included in the calendar.

Your email address will be kept until December 31st, at which point the mailbox will be purged (unless you have an ongoing email conversation with us).

What photos do you want from me?

Any photos of your dog(s) are fine! However, there are a few things that we would prefer to include in the calendar and will give priority to:

  • Photos that are high-resolution and focused. Clearer images will be easier to fit into the calendar.
  • Photos that have been taken in or around Harrison Park (this is not mandatory, but preferred).
  • Photos that have a clear seasonal and/or holiday theme (winter, spring, Halloween, Christmas, etc.) are always ideal!
  • Photos that include your dog(s) playing with other dogs in the park are highly encouraged!
  • Photos that do not include humans in the pictures (especially not feet, faces, or children).

How can I have my dog's birthday added to the calendar?

We can add your dogs's birthday to the calendar for an additional donation of £5 to the charity we support. Please send your £5 donation to us via PayPal - just make certain you include the information outlined below so we can match the payment to the dog!

  • Your email address
  • Your dog's name
  • Your dog's birthday

Where and when can I buy the calendar?

We will aim to have the calendar printed by the end of November at the latest (check out the recent news section for updates on our progress), at which point they will be available for sale from the following businesses and sponsors on Ashley Terrace:

  • Tea & Sympathy
  • Pollination

Alternatively, you can buy them directly from one of us if you bump into us in the park!


While we will make every attempt to include at least one picture of every dog we receive, high interest in the calendar may mean that this is not possible (although we have never turned anyone away before!).

If it is the case that not all dogs can be included, we will apply the following criteria to select images:

  • Dogs that have donated £5 to include their birthday will be guaranteed at least one image on their birth month.
  • Dogs that have featured in a previous calendar will be included as a priority.

All other dogs will have their images added based on the quality of the pictures submitted. We have not had to turn away any dogs in the past, and hope not to do so this year either!

We will retain one image from each upload (typically the clearest image of a dog) along with the dog's name and how many images were included in the calendar. The purpose of this is to be able to cross-reference dogs for the inclusion criteria for future calendars.

All other images and personal information will be deleted, including the email address linked to the dog, after the calendars are finalised and emails have been sent informing owners that the calendars are available for purchase. This deletion will happen no later than December 31st, 2020.